Barcode Asset Tags


30 x 50mm
25 x 50mm
50 x 50mm

Custom sizes available on request

Asset Tags

Barcode asset tags are typically made from laminated polyester. This material provides excellent durability and has high tear, smudge and stain resistance. 

Asset Tags


Asset Tags


Label sequential numbering or consecutive numbering can be printed on tamper proof labels using single-digit or custom increment increases. 

Asset Tags


RFID asset labels can be laminated for further durability allowing them  to perform under adverse weather conditions and after extensive use.

Barcode Asset Labels Options & Personalisation

Barcodes & QR Codes

The barcode tags have barcodes printed on them to identify the asset. These tags make it easy to access the asset information by scanning the bar code and retrieving all the details on asset tracking software.

Attachment Methods

Aattachement mt

Size & Shape

Most often, tags are designed with a simple shape and size to match the internal antenna; however, different sizes and shapes can be created in order to best suit the intended application and asset to be tagged. 

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