Polypropylene Asset Labels


30 x 50mm
25 x 50mm
50 x 50mm

Custom sizes available on request

Polypropylene is a tough material which can be affixed with a number of different adhesives so it can be used for indoor or outdoor use on either flat or lightly curved surfaces. Poly labels are water and stain resistant but are not suitable for constant handling or exposure to solvents and 

Asset Tags

Polypropylene is a durable and waterproof material that is highly flexible. It features an aggressive permanent adhesive that is ideal for use on flat or curved surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, as long as the environment is sheltered. 

Asset Tags


HPA 2925 is the adhesive used for poly asset labels. This adhesive was designed for heavy-duty bonding applications that demand high shear performance, moisture resistance, and resistance to chemicals, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. 

Asset Tags


Label sequential numbering or consecutive numbering can be printed on Polypropylene proof labels using single-digit or custom increment increases. 

Asset Tags


The addition of an overlaminate enhances the durability of a label. A transparent layer of mylar is placed over the printed design, creating a sandwiched structure that prevents the print from fading, smudging, or washing off. 

Poly Asset Tags Personalisation


Customizing the encoded information on each tag is one of the biggest advantages of using customizable tags. Off-the-shelf tags are usually shipped from production pre-encoded with either a random repeating number or random unique number, but custom encoding can ensure that the data on the tag is relevant to a specific application.

Barcodes & Printed Data

Printing custom information on an RFID tag, like human readable text, 1D or 2D barcodes, or logos can be a great way to visually customize tags for ease of use, additional functionality, or marketing purposes. Printed data on tags is a great way to quickly tell the difference between two tags or visually gather information about the item that is tagged.


Many RFID applications require unique attachment methods to best fit the item to be tracked. While many off-the-shelf RFID tags come standard with adhesive, customizable tags can be created or purchased with attachment methods such as extra strength adhesive, epoxy, or holes for mounting with zip ties, or even screws.

poly asset labels

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