Tamper Proof Asset Labels


30 x 50mm
25 x 50mm
50 x 50mm

Custom sizes available on request

Asset Tags

One solution is destructible vinyl It is impossible to remove these labels in one piece as small pieces break off whenever they are tampered with.  Alternatively they can be provided in polyester or standard vinyl with a void if removed marking. 

Asset Tags


The adhesive used on tamper proof labels depends on the type ordered. In all cases, the adhesive used  is very agressive and cannot be removed without leaving evidence of tampering. 

Asset Tags


Label sequential numbering or consecutive numbering can be printed on tamper proof labels using single-digit or custom increment increases.
Asset Tags


Tamper proof labels can also be affixed with a  transparent protective laminate which provides good resistance to dirt and abrasion and can be extend the life of the label significantly. 

Asset Tags Personalisation

Barcodes & QR Codes

Barcodes & QR codes  are a commonly used method for tracking assets and all asset tags can be customised with a unique barcode or QR code for tracking purposes. This makes tracking of assets much easier and helps streamline daily activities. 

Colours & Logos

Colours and logos can be added to your personalised asset tag for branding or identifaction purposes. Multiple adhesives are also available depending on 

Aluminium Asset Labels

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